Apraise Lash and Brow Start Kit Large


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Black eyelash & eyebrow tint 20ml 
Dark brown eyelash & eyebrow tint 20ml Light brown eyelash & eyebrow tint 20ml 
Grey eyelash & eyebrow tint 20ml 
Blue/Black eyelash & eyebrow tint 20ml 
Stain remover 100ml 
Petroleum jelly 50ml 
Tint developer 50ml 
Eyelash tinting protective sheets (96 count) 

Tint for use in eyelash or eyebrow tinting treatments to create long lasting, immediate colour results. 

Can be used for both eyelash and eyebrow tinting. 

Delivers consistent, reliable colour results that can last up to 8 weeks This tint has a superior creme consistency. 

Economic, each 20ml tube contains an average of 40 applications.


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